About me


Hello everyone!

I am Carla M and since I was little I dreamt about beautiful people, amazing places and magical stories. It happened to find all of these, lucky me, in what I call “A journey through photography”. That being said, welcome to my world!

My first very big passion was the art of makeup. The way I can show the beauty in every woman, that’s my power when we’re talking about beauty & bridal makeup. I also love to be creative, speaking about editorial & fantasy makeup, always trying to represent a character at some point in time.

Since I believe that human life is a big journey with different chapters and all that matters is this – our experiences – and not the end, I felt like I want to leave some of mine in this world. Posing, the other thing I’m in love with, is my way to show you my stories; it’s amazing how every shooting is different and how many things you can experience and create.

Wearing no clothes is a decision I made because I believe this way you can’t be distracted and I can channel my feelings and emotions easier, it’s freedom. Instead of admiring some textiles, you can explore the curves, the bones, the shape of a big piece of art, the human body. We were born like this, nudity is the most beautiful thing about us.

All of these are not even possible without a person who can relate and show them in a picture and I’m so grateful for meeting such amazing people I could collaborate with. Also, I’m always looking for serious artists, so please contact me if you think the same as I do!